Ankeny, Iowa Community Schools - Class of 2024  

Students don't delay. Start your "Profile" today.

NOTE: Our local scholarships are beginning to get listed on the website now. Applicants are encouraged to frequently check their accounts for additional scholarship opportunities through the March 21, 2024 deadline.   


Hello Applicants: Sometimes it gets frustrating filling out scholarship applications, doesn't it? Well, I have made a list of hints and helpful tips to make your job easier. It is right below. If you have any questions please contact me at:

Good luck, everyone!

      Kathy Weatherwax, Scholarship Manager

         Helpful tips to make applying easier!

1. Go to https://Ankeny.DollarsforScholars

2. Click on the "Students & Parents" tab at the top far right.

3. Click on "Click to Login".

4. You must create a Student Login using your e-mail address and a password. Make sure that your password is something you can remember and write it down in a safe place. We highly recommend adjusting your spam/junk mail account to accept emails from our email account: or  Essential reminders, deadlines, and announcement emails will be sent from these two email addresses. Note that the name of the person sending the email may be from anyone on our Ankeny Dollars for Scholars Board. If we see a problem with your application, we will use these emails to communicate with you. 

TIP: Do not use your assigned personal school email address.

TIP: If you ever forget which email you usedDO NOT create a new account, click on the gray support tab or use forgot my password.

TIP: SENIORS: Under "Additional Info" - Make sure your Current Grade Level is "Senior in High School " and Year Expected Graduation from High School is "2024".

5.  Once Step 4 is completed, you will receive an e-mail which will allow you to begin your Profile that will contain all the info for applying for scholarships from Ankeny Dollars for Scholars and the National Dollars for Scholars awarded via Scholarship America.

6.  Click on the Basic Info tab.

7.   All items marked with asterisks (**) are required. All others are optional but may be important for additional scholarship opportunities beyond those awarded by our local chapter. As you complete a section the bars on the left will change from red (not started) to yellow (partially completed) to green (completed). 

8.  Any place you see a blue bubble with a question mark (?) in it, you can scroll over it and an explanation about the item will appear, e.g., "Legal First Name" will state: "As it appears on your Social Security Card"

9.  At the bottom of each section there are 2 buttons: (1) "Save and Continue" which will save your info and allow you to proceed to another section or (2) "Save and Go to Dashboard" which saves your information then takes you back to the dashboard and will allow you to see the progress you have made in each section.

10.  Notes on specific sections:

  • Documents:  No. We do not use this for our scholarships.
  • Parents/Financial Info: No. We do not need this for our scholarships.
  • Essays:There two essays in this section. The first is titled "Goals and Aspirations"We don't use this one for our scholarships. It has been replaced by our Affiliate Custom Question and its completion is required by our local chapter to be considered for a scholarship (150-250 words in length). TipYou can locate it by clicking on "My Scholarships".  It will be in the box labeled "Scholarship Chapter Additional Information". You can write your essay in a Word Document, then copy and paste it to the box. Here is the question: Describe your long and short-term educational and career goals. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? 

TIP: This section gives credit to students for planning their education and career in a thorough and logical manner. We will be looking for a progression of activities or steps into the future. Extra weight will be given to clear, concise, and complete statements of goals rather than general philosophical statements.

TIP: Please include where you will be going to college, your major, dream job and the route you plan to take to be successful in your goal. Please be thorough in the details. This section is very important for matching students to scholarships.

The second essay is "Unusual Circumstances". This question may or may not apply to you. If it doesn't, simply express that it doesn't. Don't leave it blankIf you have a unique or unusual family or personal circumstance that has affected your achievement in school, work experience, or your participation in school and community activities, enter it on your application. (150-250 words max).                                                                                                                                                   

Transcript: TIP: Do this at the end of December. You are required to have your counselor send your transcript at the close of first semester. When you click on the "Add Counselor/Registrar Information" button, a box will appear for you to fill out the information. TIP: Be sure you use the correct email for your counselor.

Reference: TIP: Do this right away. TODAY! Our chapter requires you to have a reference. There is a button, "Add Reference Info" for you to click. For this part, you may use a teacher, counselor, or a reliable adult. Please do not use a family member.                   

  • Class Rank: No. We do not use this for our scholarships.
  • Test Scores: No. We do not use this for our scholarships.
  • Activities: It is very important you be as specific as you can. Include everything you participated in for ​ 9th-12th grades only. Tip: If you have a Silver Cord, list that FIRST. Each activity you had for Silver Cord will need to be listed separately, also. 

TipInclude all school and non-school related extracurricular activities such as athletics, clubs and organizations, volunteer, church/religious, community, and music/theater/arts activities in this section. 

TipOnce you have entered an activity, click "Save" and Add Another activity until you have completed all your activities.

TipWhen completely done with all activities, click "Save".

TipOnce your application has been completed, don't forget to click the "Apply" button.

Be sure to go to the sections "My Scholarships" regularly and frequently because scholarships are continuously being added as we receive donations 



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